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Sauna world

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Sauna world

The beneficial effects of the sauna has been well-known for ages. Regular sauna use may help eliminate toxins from your body, strengthen the immune system, shape the body and improve the skin tone.

In our sauna world you can try many different types of sauna.

Finnish sauna
In the sauna there is high temperature (90-100 °C) and low humidity, so that it helps flush out the toxins from your body.


Infrared sauna
The temperature inside the infrared sauna is lower (40-45 °C). It means less strain for our body than Finnish sauna. It has already a remarkable effect after some use on removing toxins, weight loss, and on skin.


Sauna with pink peach aromatherapy
The sauna is set to a temperature of 55-60 °C and scented candles are placed all over.

Stollen Sauna
It is a very hot and dry sauna (100-105 °C) made of stones.


Steam sauna
In the steam sauna humidity approaches 100%, the temperature is set to 40 °C with a pleasant aroma inside. The hot steam stimulates blood circulation, helps to expand and cleanse skin pores.

Salt room

The room looks different from the sauna, it is made of salt bricks. It is very good to treat asthma diseases and respiratory tract infection. We recommend it for smokers too.

Plunging pool

It is recommended to take a plunging pool after using the sauna. The water temperature is 16°C. The cold water helps keep blood vessels trained, tighten skin pores and stimulate blood circulation. Use it for some minutes while you are continuously moving.


Kneipp pool

The pool is divided into four parts, hot or cold water in each. It is excellent for those who have varicose and cardiovascular problems. It is recommended to change between hot and cold water in every 10 seconds.

Sand bath room
In this room you can lie on a sandy floor, which comes from the river Tisza, and relax. You can watch a relaxing film or just listen to a pleasant music.

It is a quiet room to relax after using the sauna.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the most effective results:

  • take a shower and dry off before using the sauna
  • try not to eat much or anything right before your sauna bath
  • drinking water (possibly mineral water) is strongly encouraged after your sauna session
  • do not “suffer” in the sauna, stay inside as long as you feel comfortable
  • do not use the sauna if you have fever or if you are under the age of 14
  • relax at least 20-30 minutes after using the sauna

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