Thermal water

Thermal water

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Thermal water

In the spa area the thermal water with a temperature of 52 °C rises from a depth of 1344 metres. This soft medicinal water of high fluoride and sodium bicarbonate content is primarily recommended for the treatment of degenerative locomotor disorders and gynaecological diseases.

In the spa there are two medical pools of 0,9 m depth each, offering a pleasant water for relaxation – with a temperature of 34 - 36°C and 36 - 38°C.

Our thermal water is recommended for the treatment of the following illnesses:

  • rheumatic pains
  • articular diseases
  • skeletal diseases, spinal diseases
  • rehabilitation after operations and surgeries
  • gynaecological diseases
  • hyperacidity (drinking cure)

Contraindications (in these cases use of the spa and cure is not recommended):

  • serious cardiovascular diseases
  • acute inflammatory diseases
  • malignant tumour
  • serious high blood pressure
  • infectious diseases, febrile conditions
  • pregnancy

Important information:

  • Before any treatment begins you must consult with the doctor, who makes an individual treatment plan for you.
  • For full therapeutic benefit regular, scheduled usage is recommended.
  • Guests who want to recreate please bring the previous medical documents.
  • Before the treatments please inform our staff about your accidental hypersensitivity or allergy.
  • Please take a break after you have spent 30 minutes in the thermal pool.


Components of the medicinal water mg/l
Potassium K+ 7,3
Sodium Na+ 580
Ammonium NH4+ 12,6
Calcium Ca2+ 6,2
Magnesium Mg2+ 3,9
Iron Fe2+ 0,04
Lithium Li+ 0,04
Cations altogether 610
Chloride Cl- 64
Iodide I- 0,12
Fluoride F- 3,0
Sulphate SO42- <26
Hydrogen-Carbonate HC03- 1647
Sulphide S2- 0,32
Phosphate PO43- 0,25
Anions altogether
Metaboricacid HBO2 9
Silicium-dioxide H2SiO3 49
Carbondioxide CO2 47
Altogether 2455

In the Spa area there are two deck-level medical pools with a depth of 90 cm waiting for the guests. The water temperature is respectively 36 °C and 38°C. Body jets for neck, geyser, and night light help you relax during your bath.

The thermal water comes to the pool through 46 inlets, which ensures the daily change of the pool water.

The outdoor medical pools are open all year, in winter you can reach them from the indoor area through a heated corridor.


Useful information:

  • It is advisable to have a rest after 30 minutes of bathing.
  • Children under 14 are not allowed in these pools.
  • Before using these pools a thorough shower is necessary.
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