General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

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General terms and conditions

1.Service provider

Tiszaparti Termálfürdő Kemping és Étterem Kft.

Head office: 6060 Tiszakécske, Szabolcska M. str. 43

Registration number: 03-09-112661

Tax number: 13529507


2. General conditions

2.1. The use of the services offered by Barack Thermal Hotel & Spa is governed by the present „General terms and conditions”.

2.2. Special, individual conditions do not form part of the General terms and conditions, but do not exclude to make separate agreements with travel agents and tour operators, with conditions adjusted according to the certain type of business.


3. Contracting Party

3.1. The services provided by the Service provider is used by the Customer.

3.2. In case the service is ordered directly by the Customer from the Service provider, the Customer shall be the Contracting party. The Service provider and the Customer - if the conditions are fulfilled - become the Contracting parties (hereinafter Parties). 

3.3. If the order of the services is given to the Service provider by a third person (hereinafter Intermediary) on behalf of the Customer, the collaboration is regulated by a contract between the Service provider and the Intermediary. In this case the Service provider is not obliged to investigate whether the third person is authorized to represent the Customer. 


4. Conclusion of the contract, methods of booking, modification of booking, notification obligation  

4.1. Upon the Customer’s written or oral request for proposal, the Service provider sends its quotation. If no order is received within 48 hours of sending the offer, the Service provider is entitled to withdraw the offer.

4.2. The contract is concluded when the Service provider sends its written confirmation of the written or oral booking made by the Customer, which is equal to a written contract. 

Any oral booking, agreement, modification or its oral confirmation of the Service provider is not deemed to be a contract.

4.3. The accommodation service contract is for fixed term.

4.3.1. If the Customer checks out prior to the reserved date, the Service provider is entitled to charge the whole period determined in the contract. The Service provider is entitled to sell the vacant room before the contracted period terminates. 

4.3.2. Any extension of the booked period must be confirmed by the Service Provider in advance. In this case the Service provider is entitled to demand an advanced payment for the services rendered.

4.4. Alterations and/or additions to the contract are required to be in writing to be effective. 


5. Conditions of cancellation

5.1. In case of individual Customers:

In peak season and high season cancellations made fifteen (15) or more days prior to the date of arrival is free of charge. Cancellations made less than fifteen (15) days prior to the date of arrival will incur a one (1) night charge or the one day package price 

In other cases cancellations made 72 hours prior to the date of arrival is free of charge, less than 72 hours prior to the date of arrival will incur a one (1) night charge or the one day package price.


a)Booked rooms shall be taken by the Customer on the agreed date of arrival by 6.00 p.m. local time at the latest. Unless a later time of arrival has been guaranteed by prepayment or credit card, the service obligation of the Service provider is terminated at 6.00 p.m.. 


b) If the reservation was guaranteed by advanced payment, credit card guarantee or any other method detailed in the contract, and the room is not taken by the Customer without any prior notification on the date of arrival till 6 p.m. local time, the Service provider is entitled to demand a penalty - minimum one night charge, as detailed in the contract. The Service provider is ready to keep the room till 12.00 a.m. on the day after the date of arrival, after noon his service obligation is expired. 

5.2. The booking of special products of the Service provider which needs to have special conditions, group travels or events require individual contracts.


6. Prices

6.1. The list of the room rates (Rack Rate) of Barack Thermal Hotel & Spa is available at the Reception. The lists of the prices for other services are available at the different departments of the Hotel (restaurant, medical and wellness department).

6.2. Prices can be changed by the Service provider without prior notification.

6.3. The Service provider indicates the actual rate of the taxes (VAT, tourist tax) regulated by law. The extra tax charges due to the modification of the applicable tax laws (VAT, tourist tax) are devolved by the Service provider to the Customer upon prior notice. 

6.4. Special prices, packages and other offers are available on 


7. Method of payment, guarantee

7.1. The value of the service provided by the Service provider is to be paid prior to the departure from the hotel, unless there is an individual agreement between the Parties which allows to pay later.

7.2. In order to guarantee the contractual use of the services and the future payments the Service provider may;

a) request a credit card guarantee, which means that the amount of the confirmed reservation will be blocked on the credit card, 

b) request an advance payment of the full amount of the confirmed reservation, or a part of it.

7.3. The Contracting Party can pay in HUF and/or in EUR.

a) in every currency accepted by the Service provider. The conversion and invoice is made using the foreign currency buying rate of the Bank of the Service provider on the arrival date of the Customer 

b) the Service provider accepts different cashless payment methods (bank card, SZ.É.P card, health insurance payments, and upon individual agreement: coupon, voucher, etc.), the list of which is available at the Service provider.


8. Terms and conditions of using the services

8.1. Check-in time on the day of arrival is from 3 p.m., check –out time on the day of departure is till 11 a.m.

8.2. There is a one night rate’s charge of early Check – in before 6.00 a.m. 


9. Pets

9.1. Pets are welcome at Barack Thermal Hotel & Spa for an extra charge detailed on the website of the hotel.


10. Withdrawal from contract, termination of the service obligation

10.1. The Service provider is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect, and refuse the provision of services, if:

a) there is any sign of misuse of the room or the building on the part of the Customer, 

b) the Customer violates the security rules and policy of the hotel, behaves in an inappropriate manner with the employees, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and displays menacing, offensive or otherwise unacceptable behavior, 

c) the Customer has a contagious disease, 

d) the Contracting Party fails to fulfil its advance payment obligation within the date specified in the contract, 

10.2. If the contract is not concluded due to force majeure, the contract is terminated.


11. Placement guarantee

11.1. If the facility run by the Service provider is not able to provide the services specified in the Contract of his own fault (eg. over expenditure, temporary operational problems, etc.), the Service provider is required to provide alternative accommodation for the Customer.

11.2. The Service provider is obliged to;

a) provide/offer services specified in the Contract for a price, and period – or till the date on which such impossibility ceases to exist - detailed in the contract in another, but the same or higher category hotel. The extra costs of the replacement accommodation is paid by the Service provider. 

b) provide one phone call free of charge for the Customer, who can make notification about the new accommodation 

c) provide free transfer for the Customer between the new accommodation and the hotel for the way there and back

11.3. If the Service provider should fulfil these requirements, and the Customer accepted the replacement accommodation, no subsequent claim can be made by the Contracting Party. 


12. Illness, death of the Customer

12.1. If the Customer should fall ill during his stay, and is not able to act alone, the Service provider offers medical help to the Customer.

12.2. In case the Customer falls ill/dies, the Service provider is entitled to ask for cost compensation from the relative, heir, or bill payer of the patient/decease, in order to cover the arising medical and legal costs, the price of the services used, and any loss or damage caused to the equipment and furniture.


13. The rights of the Customer

13.1. According to the Contract the Customer is entitled to the proper use of the booked room, and the usual public areas of the hotel, which are not regulated by special conditions. 

13.2. During his/her stay, the Customer has the right to submit a complaint against the services provided by the Service provider. During this period the Service provider is obliged to handle the written complaints (or the complaint recorded by him). 

13.3. Any right to complaint expires after the departure of the Customer. 


14. Obligations of the Customer

14.1. The Customer is obliged to pay the services detailed in the contract according to the date and method specified in the contract.

14.2. The Customer is not allowed to take any drink and food in the restaurant of the hotel. 


15. Liability of the Customer for damages

The Customer is responsible for the damages caused to the Service provider or a third person, by the Customer itself, his/her escorts or any person under his/her liability. This liability exists even if the aggrieved party is entitled to demand compensation directly from the Service provider. 


16. The rights of the Service provider

If the Customer fails to fulfil his/her obligations to pay for the services rendered, or for the services ordered in the contract but not rendered, the Service provider is entitled to get hypothec on the personal belongings of the Customer, which are situated in the hotel.  


17. Obligations of the Service provider

The Service provider is obliged to;

a) provide the accommodation service and other services specified in the contract according to the applicable service standards,

b) investigate Customer’s written complaint and take the necessary steps in written to address the problem. 


18. Liability of the Service provider for damages

18.1. The Service provider is liable for damages caused by the Service provider or its employees to the Customer inside the hotel area.

18.1.1. The Service provider’s liability excludes the damages caused by unavoidable reason, or by the Customer itself. 

18.1.2. The Service provider is not responsible for the damages caused by the Customer in those hotel areas where there is no entry for Customers. 

18.1.3. The Customer shall inform immediately the Reception about the damage suffered, and shall provide any useful information about the damage to the hotel, and to the police if it is needed.

18.2. The Service provider is liable for damages suffered by the Customers by the loss or destruction of their belongings in case the Customer’s belongings were kept in his/her room or in the designated places. 

18.2.1. The Service provider is liable only for those valuables, securities and cash taken for safekeeping, or for damages occurred due to a cause for which the Service provider is liable according to the general rules. In this case the burden of proving shall lie on the Customer.

18.3 The rate of compensation is equal to fifty times the daily contractual room rate, unless the damage is lower.


19. Secrecy

In performing its contractual obligation, the Service provider is obliged to follow the relevant legislation, the act LXIII. of 1992, and the relevant law on data protection.


20. Force Majeure

As a consequence of Force Majeure (the term “Force Majeure” includes but is not limited to acts of God, natural disaster, fire, war, shortage of electricity, strikes) or any other reason beyond the control of the Service provider, any of the Contracting parties are released from the performance of the contract, as long as the above conditions exist. The parties agree to do their best to avoid the existence of such reasons and conditions, and to fix the damages and delays caused thereby. 


21. Law to be applied to the legal relationship of the Parties

The relation between the Service provider and the Customer is governed by the hungarian Civil Code.


22. Webpage

22.1 References and links

The Tiszaparti Termálfürdő Kemping és Étterem Ltd. has no influence on the content and layout of the links and references owned by a third party, placed on the webpages of the Ltd.  

22.2 Copyright

The web page, the used diagrams, pictures and logos are protected by copyright. Any further publication of the logos, diagrams and texts on paper or in electronic version is not permitted without the consent of the Tiszaparti Termálfürdő Kemping és Étterem Ltd.


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