Medical treatment

Medical treatment

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Medical treatment

„Sanum Per Aquam” , „Health through water”

Ancient people knew about the healing power of water. It is particularly true for waters of high mineral contents. A part of these substances is absorbed through the skin while bathing, producing their beneficial effect inside the human body. The human body gets relaxed in the water due to its buoyancy, which helps move the hard and painful joints. Let’s not forget that hot water can act as natural painkiller and stress reliever.

Our guests can restore their health and obtain evidence-based results through a holistic treatment offered by us, which includes individual treatment packages made by our specialists, the use of thermal water, the fresh air and the awareness in nutrition.

Our modern medical department offers different types of physiotherapy treatment provided by our qualified and experienced specialist team, as follows:


Thermal water bath
It is recommended to take a 20-30 min bath daily in one of the two mineral water pools of the Spa (unless your doctor advices you differently). The thermal water bath is extremely effective as a part of a treatment, but you can feel its positive effects using it occasionally as well. You might take a 30 min break after using the thermal bath.

Medical prescription is needed.
Advisable duration: 20 minutes

Thermal water tub-bath

Bathtubs are recommended mainly for guests who are not allowed to use the pools due to some health problems. The temperature of the water is 36–38 ° C. The treatment is advisable for gynaecological disease and locomotor disorders.

Medical prescription is needed.
Advisable duration: 20 minutes

Carbonated tub-bath

This treatment uses carbon dioxide, which allows the blood vessels to widen, promotes skin blood flow, stimulates the oxygen supply of the heart muscle reducing the blood pressure and slows the heart rate.
Indications: cardio- vascular diseases, lower extremity arterial and venous circulatory disorders, rehabilitation after heart attack.

Medical prescription is needed.
Advisable duration: 15 minutes

Underwater water-jet massage/Tangentor

The treatment is performed with high pressure water-jets of 0.5–2 bar at a distance of 10–20 cm from the skin surface. It can be directed at different points of the body. This treatment relieves tenseness, loosens the muscles and joints.

Medical prescription is needed.
Advisable duration: 10-30 minutes


Underwater gymnastics for groups

Its great advantage over land-based physiotherapy is that due to the buoyancy of water the load on joints is significantly reduced. Excellent for maintenance and regeneration of muscles and joints. You can do it every day as an important part of the medical treatments.

Medical prescription is needed.
Advisable duration:
20-25 minutes

Therapeutic swimming in group, for children under the age of 18

It is advisable for those who have locomotor diseases, respiratory problems, nervous system disorders, or scoliosis.

Medical prescription is needed.
Advisable duration: 45 minutes


Therapeutic massage

The massage increases blood supply to the muscles and the tissues, enhances metabolism and accelerates the submission of excreta. Muscles become relaxed, the feeling of tiredness is reduced. It has a calming, relaxing effect on the nervous system and develops a feeling of wellness.

Medical prescription is needed.
Advisable duration: 20-40 minutes



Mud wrap

Our thermal water combined with the mud of Hévíz is excellent for rheumatic pains, degenerative musculoskeletal disorders, post-treatment of injuries, and gynaecological diseases. It stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain through its heat retention capacity. The temperature of the mud is usually 40-45 °C, and is placed on the specific body parts indicated by the doctor.

Medical prescription is needed.
Advisable duration: 20 minutes

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